Breath of Life Global Services is a multifaceted educational training company. We have been empowering our global workforce established in 2004 by providing affordable, practical, individualized, world class education and development with the goal and passion to simply put people first and to produce indisputable, exceptional customer service and value added services that will separate us from our competitors while educating our community at large.

Real-Life Skills Simulation LAB

Practice in a fully equipped realistic environment and become familiar with nursing procedures and safety requirements.

Fully Accredited

We are accredited by the AHA, ARC, CDPH, CAADE, BBPE, BVNPT, BRN and DBC and strictly adhere to their criteria.


Individualized Training Methods

Do you comprehend best visually or by audio, reading or demonstration? Discover your individual learning style and succeed.

Fully Customized Curriculums

We tailor your program to fit your specific needs, budget, schedule and individual learning style.

Classroom, Online, hybrid or in-service

At home, in the classroom, or a combination. We also have professional instructors that will teach your staff on-site.

Tutoring for every need

Our personal tutors will help you learn your material and pass your exam, first time.

Overcoming Obstacles

Test anxiety and lack of confidence no more! We’ve helped thousands of students find their innate ability to succeed.

State of the art audio/video

The right equipment to make sure every student gets clear instruction, whether in class or for individual study.


Professional instructors ready to assist

Our instructors assist you every step of the way and are personally motivated to help you achieve every goal.

Engaging material

Our instructors use real life scenarios to keep you laughing, engaged and alert throughout.


                            Advanced Cardiovascular Life Support

                            Available Online or in Classroom

                            Heartsaver First Aid, CPR, AED

                            Available in Classroom and Blended.


Breath of Life Corporate Headquarters

21900 Burbank Blvd

Woodland Hills CA 91367

T:  818-749-2414 or 805-620-7191


Available 24/7 by Appointment Only